About Us

The idea for Cabana Kids was hatched on a sunny trip to the nearby South Coast shortly into the lockdown of spring 2020. We had struggled to find a suitable sunshade for our daughter Lillie; something portable, made of natural materials and in a colour palette that fitted with our home. Essentially, we were looking for a sun shade with the sun factor AND fun factor! So we thought, in the midst of a life-changing global pandemic, why not be bold and come up with our own concept?

With Lizzie’s 15+ years’ experience in the fashion industry ( Lizzie is the ex Design Director of URBAN OUTFITTERS ), combined with Jamie’s creative and technical know-how from owning COOKIE MEDIA ( an established and successful design agency ) a huge shift in personal priorities saw us centring our lives around our family as we sought out a healthier work/home life balance. We set about applying ourselves to the challenge of creating a brand that combined our business experience with our new identities, co-parenting our daughter and Jamie’s two children.

It was from this seed that our range of tents and teepees grew. We can’t wait to see where they’ll go and to hear of the memories they’ll make for other families like us!